by Emily Yacina

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released January 28, 2013

Thanks to Alex G for your help on Glow



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Emily Yacina New York, New York


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Track Name: Feel Good
Make me feel good
Track Name: Try
Say something back to me
then try to feel something
Make up a reason why
then you can shut your eyes

I know it's
hard to speak it's
getting dark it's
hard to see

Say something
Track Name: Your Girl
Soft sproken, move gently
look up and tell me a story
Swim through the breathing, absorb me
we'll both pretend that we're sleeping

I'm your girl

I fell pretty hard into daylight
they said you put up a big fight
I try to tell you I'm alright
but you won't stop holding me so tight cause

I'm your girl

I can't tell you the bad news
you look so peaceful, you don't move
you know I don't want to hurt you
you know I just wanna tell you

I'm your girl
Track Name: All Mixed Up
Just go ahead and step back into me
words that you said rush right over me
I lie in bed and tug on reality
It's all in my head but still you pour out of me

Empty spaces seem to fill everything
they were loud places but now they are whispering
Happy to be here but it may be too much for me
and just like I feared, it's still a part of me

I'm all mixed up
Track Name: Bite
Out of touch and out of sight
I'll close my eyes
then I'll feel alright
I didn't mean to do you wrong
you know it kinda hurts
when you bite
oh yeah

You can feel it in this place
your words start to fade
with the light
And I can see it in your face
your thoughts are turning to the shade
of night
oh yeah

It feels weird to make a sound
but all I wanna do is shout

I just wanna slip away
but you hold my arm
and make sure that I stay
I know when the sun comes up
I cannot hide from the day
oh yeah
And even if I sleep now
you will still be here when I wake
And you will always be somehow
a part of everything I create
Track Name: Stain
I hear everything you say
even the words that got away
On my skin they stain
and they stay
They don't go away

I hear you're okay
I'm happy that way
But I have some things still left
to say
Track Name: Sink
Fall back into waves
sink and then feel safe

Fall back into me
sink into my body
Track Name: Reach
I could lie and say I won't try to get away from here
You think I'm shy but I just can't stay here

It's too much
so close I could touch
I reached out
but I froze up

You meant well but I could tell that you had enough
You didn't yell but I knew that you were done
I understand that you can't stand to be a part of me
I do what I can but I'm not where I wanna be
Track Name: Secure
The sun turns away
I'll still be here
You choose to stay
now it is clear

I should have known
atleast by now
You'd find a way to wait with me somehow

I feel secure
this is all new
But I am so sure
in what I found in you

I could have guessed
that you'd stick around
You'd find a way to keep my feet on the ground
Track Name: Glow
You know that we watch eachother glow and it's never gonna go away
Hold tight, where are you tonight? I've got something I wanna say
You are a very special part of a really bright star in me
And I hope that you will someday know what everything you do means

I feel like none of this is real, you will always steal my mind
And I make all the same mistakes but I want you to stay this time
Track Name: Bloom
Take it all in
and you'll begin to feel
It won't stop spinning
and nothing else is real
My heart, it blooms
it's all so surreal

Aw here it goes
nothing stays the same
Didn't you know?
nothing stays the same