Heart Sky

by Emily Yacina

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recorded mostly in alaska summer 2017


released September 22, 2017

drums on bad kid by chris rivers
drums on sore and keep up by shawn durham
drums on vision by cleo tucker
drums, extra stuff, and mix on here i go, my friend, show me, and you know you can find me by jonnie baker
album artwork by zeke aszman
mastered by warren hildebrand


all rights reserved



Emily Yacina New York, New York


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Track Name: Bad Kid
wanted to find out where it went wrong
stare at the puzzle til it dies off
what's with that stranger giving me eyes?
look in the mirror til i feel alive

how bout the bad kid giving me shit
someone to follow until i get bit
what's with the portrait changing its shape
i'm looking right at it but its not the same
Track Name: Vision
into the warm air
better than ever
i pray a small prayer
out of my heart
over your body

take me with you
when you go home
you're a vision
in the sun

all the pieces
of the past year
are so sharp and clear

now that i'm older
i can surrender
i hold you so strong
into the night
i hear your song

i got more sure
as i biked through
a green alaska
feeling brand new
went to the lake
felt the night sun
thought about you
you're a vision
Track Name: Sore
i wanna know why, why, why?
are you alone? come outside

is it that you're scared of me?
feared by the light on the sea
wrap my arms around the space
where you held the gift i made

it's not your fault, still i sigh
a spell in the dark to feel alright

but i just lie on the bed
your song bouncing in my head
throw the thought against the wall
watch it break so many small
little pieces, pick me up
off the bed and on the floor
wonder if you feel as sore
Track Name: Dove
( "<
/ )
Track Name: Here I Go
can you hear what i'm saying to you?
you're a world away, you go fast don't you?
it's so hard for me to believe the things
you put on a card, sent across the country

here i go
what i knew
to be you
was a lie
Track Name: A Star
crushed by a smile
guess it's alright
back by a mile
but it's sunshine

on the front steps
feeling hopeless
pull the weed out
you make a wish

for me
does the world want it?
a star
with your name above it
the dust
on the road is quiet
after we leave

under a light
lives our moment
holding it tight
it's the only

does the world want it?
a star
with your name above it
the dust
on the road is quiet
after we leave
Track Name: Keep Up
it's what you don't do
could you please follow through?
i'm feeling far

sign on the road
says i have to go slow
but i'm not the kind to
i move

closer, faster, until i bury you in me
best behavior, until i got you in my sleeve
watch the sunset, does it make you want to leave?
it's not easy, you're gonna have to get through me

i'm quick like the wind
i zoom past what you meant
so please keep up

the clouds in the sky
make a soft shape in your eye
i'm in deep now
Track Name: My Friend
coming at you from a new life
escaped the mirror on the fault line
don't ask me to tell you
it's a dance that i won't do
oh no
oh no

on the west side
your memory hides
on the roof

leave the money on the table
thought i saw you in the hallway
i never wanted to go back there
i think i hear you but im too scared
oh mark
my friend

in the big field
our blanket stretched
on the earth

living without you is harder than you'd think
Track Name: Show Me
high in the hallway
in california it's sunday
shut the rosy door behind you
don't pick up cause i'll remind you
that we're through!!!!!!!!!!

why don't you show me?
why don't you show me??
if you needed me
why don't you show me?

come on
it aches
you're gone
i stay

write my name on the building
it lasts longer than your feelings
wheres your mind when you wake up?
a whole country between us
what the fuck??????????

why don't you show me?
why don't you show me
if you needed me
why don't you show me
Track Name: Clue
something that you said
struck me like a clue
sounds dumb
but i knew

something in the sky
broke into my room
it's warm
and new
i want to show you

on the way back home
fought the urge to call
are you there
at all?

in the neighbor's yard
sink into the mud
can't be
what it was
are you good?
send a sign
missing you
all the time
Track Name: You Know You Can Find Me
holiest face
lights up the place
save a piece for me, will you?

you know you can find me
in a piece of spring time
chipped off from your heart ache
standing on the blue

my own morning
i can't show to you
you don't feel the sun, do you?

you know you can find me
spinning in a moment
chipped off from the changes
standing on the blue

only a high
that's all
you know you can call, don't you?

you know you can find me
in a thought you can't speak
chipped off from your wishes
standing on the blue

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