Overflow (demos)

by Emily Yacina

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some songs from the past year


released April 10, 2016

photo by caroline pigou
drums on all the things by shawn durham



all rights reserved


Emily Yacina New York, New York


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Track Name: Surrounded
drop the feeling on the floor
forget it, uhuh
just tell me a little more
surrounded, uhuh

can you even hear my voice?
so crowded
you didn't give me a choice
where were you?

feeling something
on the inside
Track Name: All The Things
drive me back to our hometown
you might have to hold me down
I'm cryin out for you
yeah i love the shit you do
it's true it's true it's true

wipe the lie from my mouth, suck it up spit it out
gonna tell you the truth, gonna say i need you
i've been fallin for years, now im keepin you here
til the day that you die, i will never say bye

i wanna crawl up next to you
i wanna kiss you on the roof
tell me all about your day
yeah i love the shit you say
come here, dont go, just stay

all the things that we did, remember when we were kids?
all the stories i tell, everything that i felt
i've been feeling for years, now im keeping you here
til the day that you die, i will never say bye

all the things
that i felt
Track Name: When Is Enough?
going away, keeping me grounded
did i hear you say that you won't allow it?
i make a noise, so you can find me
this wasn't my choice, you don't believe me

every time i wait for you my fear is lit up by the moon

when is enough?
Track Name: How Come
how come
every time you hold on you drag me down a little bit to you?
so what
if i said the wrong thing? i was just repeating it back to you

what's the difference i'm just like you
this is useless i'm just like you
Track Name: Circuit
Finding you when I thought I found control
what's the use in taking things slow?
i know how this goes
i know how this goes

i thought
i might
stand a chance
but now i
hold tight

comin up real fast
i think im ready
as i'll ever be
never did like waiting
jump into you
everything is changing
nothing i can do
i think im ready
Track Name: I Do It Back
Are you here yet?
I wait for years
did you forget
that i'm still here?

you push and shove me
til i fall flat
but i can't be angry
i do it back

what are we now?
you show me how to fight
and i try
yeah i do it back
Track Name: Permanent
hanging on to a dream i had
where you came back to life
where you knocked on my door
then you told me it was a joke
and i laughed
because you weren't dead anymore

oh, mark
good grief
how could
you leave me?
Track Name: With You
pick your poison
turn off the radio
bite my shoulder
because i said so
drive on the highway
you go too fast

so what
i thought
i could
do it
with you
Track Name: When I See You
When i see you
i'm gonna eat you up
i'm gonna scream your name
i dont give a fuck

when you get home
im gonna keep you to myself
i wont share with no one
fuck everyone else

how can i
even say?
never thought
i'd feel this way

what can i
even do
i wanna show
this love to you
Track Name: Overflow
my big bad luck
picks my words apart
and my big bad love
spills over the top

and in time i will grow
i'll catch it all
and in time i will grow
i'll catch it all before it overflows