Pull Through

by Emily Yacina

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thanks rebecca snow for picture of grace parish


released January 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Emily Yacina New York, New York


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Track Name: Bruise
She is still and I am fast
we are stretched out on the grass
She cries out and I don't speak
hide my face so I can't peak
hide my face so I can't peak

Colors moving in my veins
move around me, flush my face
The sky is black, my heart is blue
I'll do what you tell me to

She is cold, I try to help
tells me it is something else
Bite my lip and go insane
crack my skull and bruise my brain
crack my skull and bruise my brain
Track Name: Pull Through
Air escapes
I told you so
Blue takes over
where'd you go?
Take me down
below, below
Nothing around
don't let go

We are moving
I'm starting to
pull through you

It's easy
we're undone
Down so deep
we become
nothing when
we hold our breath
searching through
the darkness
When I am here
I find you
covered up
by the blue
Take me down
below, below
Nothing around
Don't let go
Track Name: Coming For You
She's nobody's
comin' for you
Gonna get you
she's alright

See what happens
when you let go
You know this happens
She has control

Taken over
I'm not here
Track Name: Tired
In my coat, a note
you had left when you were sick
You are losing your hope
in me, it's quick

In my hand, your soul
you are covered in my palm
You are left all alone
this time, it's wrong

Oh my god
take me back
Close my eyes
heart attack

On my back, a promise
I had made when I was young
I am so tired of it
heavy, I'm stuck

In your blood, my word
moving fast through all your veins
Losing meaning with each spell
it stops, you faint